Become a Vendor operates on a vendor to distributor based relationship. Meaning, just like many major sites, we depend on various folks to produce products for us, and in turn, we sell them for the vendors.

This allows for a number of benefits—  gets the opportunity to grow its stock with high end quality items, and the vendors get the chance to promote their items to a large and diverse audience—the internet.

We’re always constantly looking for new vendors to help share in the growth of our site, as well as bringing high quality products to our customers.

If you feel that you have a product you’d like to be featured on our site, please use the form below! We’d be delighted to get in contact with you. Keep in mind that we have a rigorous selection code that we follow, and we only select the best products, ones that are truly unique or of great quality. Because of this, your product may or may not be accepted. Please don’t take offense to this!

Using the email below, please list some of the products you have, what their function is, and what your background as a vendor is. Where do you live? How do you make these items—handmade or made by machine? Are they items that are made using skills passed down generation to generation? All of these qualities are important to us, it allows us to connect to you as the vendor more, and will really allow us to establish a good relationship with you. Pictures are not mandatory, but are HIGHLY recommended. Once you fill out the form, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

Email us at [email protected]  or give  us at call at (281) 402-3262

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