Angel Candle Warmer-Electric


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Angel Candle Warmer-Electric

Our decorative 2 in 1 candle warmers include a matching dish that, when used, warms your favorite scented tart or fragrance oil to fill the room with your favorite scent. Remove the dish and the warmer can be used to warm a standard size jar candle.

On/off switch is built into the power cord. Candle warmer measures 3 1/2″ high and 5″ in diameter and uses 20 watts of power.

Change Oil Warmer Bulbs
All our electric oil warmers come with a 35 w Halogen bulb. You may purchase the bulb at any hardware store or through us ( Halogen Bulb 35W). If purchasing at a hardware store, please remove the bulb and take it to the store with you for reference.

To replace the bulb, follow these simple instructions:

The bulbs have two small prongs at the end that plug into the light. To remove, firmly grasp the light and wiggle back and forth while gently pulling upwards (you may not need to wiggle the bulb). To replace, slide the prongs into the two holes in the socket and push gently until seated.

To change the bulb in warmers without the prong, grasp the bottom of the unit and twist/pull out gently. This will remove the bottom of the unit, giving you access to the bulb. When you have replaced the bulb, simply squeeze the three springs together and reinsert the bottom piece.


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